PRIMA HEART, the Women's Heart Program


This is a personalized risk assessment and management program incorporating our clinical concepts with initial assessment, diagnostic testing, ongoing follow-up, and supportive management in working with gynecologists and primary care physicians. Specific recommendations and goals, including cholesterol and lipid targets, diet and exercise programs are outlined or prescribed as needed or requested.


These services and all testing can be offered by PRIMA HEART, The Woman's Heart Program, at the Cass Street office and any CT imaging off-site. Additionally, PRIMA HEART can offer educational talks and programs to the public, physicians, R.N.s, wellness staff, diabetic educators/case managers, and outside local organizations and businesses. We can participate also in cardiac health screenings for women. Offering  educational and screening programs  will serve to optimize healthcare and appropriately identify cardiac risk and potential need for testing.

With women making up to 90% of household healthcare decisions, it is important for women to understand potential risk and integrate a healthy lifestyle for family memeber, including children. Our goals are to provide innovation in women's heart healthcare, deliver a comprehensive women's cardiac preventive program, and empower women to take their health to heart.